steals and deals?

My sister and I went to the local consignment sale at the fairgrounds yesterday. This one happens twice a year. Last spring we found a bit, although most things were either too well loved or WAY overpriced.

We decided to try again, figuring the sale had to be better in the fall. We were wrong. If anything, the fall sale had clothes that were not only in worse condition, but also more expensive. I will not pay 15 dollars for a new with tags carter’s outfit. Even if the tag says 20 dollars on it. Why? Because I don’t think I’ve ever gotten anything at carter’s that was less than 30% off. And I typically have a coupon, so it’s even cheaper.

The toys were even worse. Most were disgustingly filthy. Almost all were overpriced. The roll around dinosaur was there, for NINETY dollars. WTF pays 90 dollars for a toy that your child may play with for a year? The peek a block activity cube was 30 without blocks or 50 with. Ridiculousness. You know the laugh and learn chair? The one that walmart sells for 30 dollars? Yeah…you can get one well loved for 20! I mean, I do realize that their child did put in the work of breaking it in for your child, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy…and in all reality, I suppose that child should be compensated for their time…I guess.

All in all, this sale is more and more disappointing. The prices people want for things is usually completely unreasonable. Of course, there are always some exceptions, and I did find a couple of things, as did my sister…but even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then, right?

Oh, and although I should have learned from last time, I need to remember to double check the sizes. Because apparently a lot of moms haven’t figured out the sizing charts of major manufacturers. You’d think, as a mom, you’d know that a 12 month carter’s outfit means it’s a 9-12 month outfit…and should be sized as such. But apparently, a lot of mom’s haven’t figured that out. Because not only did I end up with a pair of “12-18” month jeans that are actually 9-12, I ended up with a sweatshirt the same size. At least they fit right now.

Oh well, I did end up with a super cute gymboree jacket for 8 dollars! I’ll try to get a good pic and put it up soon.


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    2ndhand said,

    I’ve seen the roll-a-rounds dinosaur on CL quite often and purchased ours from there last summer.

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