Coming home from ECFE yesterday, Kennedy and I were rear ended. The 72 year old man who hit us was going at least 40 MPH (which is the speed limit), but “didn’t notice” that traffic had stopped in front of him.

This is the aftermath:


I swear, my car DID have a trunk when I bought it.


The only reason there is so little front damage? I saw in my rear view mirror that he was not stopping. I REALLY didn’t want to get shoved into the car in front of me, but I didn’t have anywhere to go to avoid it all together. I jerked my wheel as far as I could to the right, but I still hit the SUV in front of me. But had I been straight on, the damage would have been a LOT worse.
Me? I’m sore. And stiff. As is expected I guess. I was taken to the ER on a backboard with a c-collar on because my neck and back hurt at the scene. Kennedy? She’s fine. Perfectly fine. She was taken to the ER, in the same ambulance as me, and was given the all clear. She seems normal, she’s walking fine, she’s even climbing everything she attempt to climb. 🙂 She will need a new car seat, but wow, did that seat keep her safe! I’m so glad she’s still rear facing, because it could have been a VERY different scenario had she been forward facing.

Keep watching for updates, I’m assuming the car will totaled. 😦


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