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I’ve been absent from the blog…so sorry! We’ve had a busy, busy household since the accident.

I’m still not back at work :(, I’m wishing they’ll clear me tomorrow, but I’m fairly certain the weights aren’t at the levels they want them to be.

Kennedy has been sick for the last 2 weeks. She was perfectly healthy as baby, a couple colds, that’s it. Then she got sick the middle of December. Took her in the week of Christmas because it had been over a week. She had a raging ear infection in one ear, and the beginnings of one in the other. Poor peanut!!! She was put on amoxicillin, and seemed to be getting better. Until Saturday. Jeff was feeding her breakfast, and when I woke up he said that she spit it all up after. She seemed ok, no fever, but still wasn’t quite herself, so we went to the Lasch Christmas anyways (just Jeff’s parents, his sister and her boyfriend). She didn’t eat very well, but wasn’t overly crabby or anything either. We put her to bed at her usual time, and she woke up screaming at 10 pm. Jeff went up to calm her, and said she had puked. We cleaned her up, changed her sheets, pulled out backup kitty and backup lovey (as both had puke on them), and put her back to bed. She slept most of the night, waking a couple of times, but easily going back down. When she woke for the day, Jeff got up with her, and when feeding her breakfast, she vomited again! So we stuck to pushing fluids for the rest of the day and not focusing so much on making her eat. She hasn’t thrown up now since Sunday morning, but she’s had a fever on and off and diarrhea. She hadn’t had a wet diaper all day today, so I took her into the pedi, as I was mildly worried about dehydration.

Doctor thinks it’s a virus, possibly the beginning of rotovirus, but to keep an eye on her, and keep pushing fluids. If she hasn’t peed before bedtime, we’re supposed to call back. She also suggested gatorade. I told her I preferred smart water, as it has the same electrolytes, but none of the sugar. Dr Joseph reminded me that she’ll need sugar to keep her blood sugars up, but then remembered that I said she would eat popsicles. So she ok’d smart water (Kennedy has never liked juice, so I’m not sure she’d even take gatorade) and keep up with popsicles for the sugar. She also recommended some salty snacks for her. The salty snacks would make her thirsty, and then hopefully she would drink enough to wet a diaper.

So far, she’s been drinking more since before the appt. I did stop at DQ on my way home (I was starving) and she ate a few of my fries…and I think the salt trick was working, because she did start drinking more. No wet diapers yet, but hopefully she’ll be wet at her next change.

Oh, and she’s apparently learned how to fart from my dad. Ever since the diarrhea started, she’s been walking around the living room, stopping to half squat as she farts/poops. It’s very¬†reminiscent¬†of my dad when he decides to make a show of passing gas!


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