So, there’s a new NP (nurse practitioner) at our pediatrician’s office. I’ve talked to her on the phone twice now. The first time I called, it was the week before Christmas, when it seemed like Kennedy had a cold with a nasty cough (this ended up being diagnosed as an ear infection the next week). I called to see if there was anything I could do for the cough, because it seemed to be waking her up at night. She asked what I’d been doing, and I told her I was giving her tylenol or motrin when she seemed uncomfortable and we’d been having “tea lattes” made with roiboos tea to help boost her immune system.

NP: I’ve never heard of “tea lattes” or roiboos tea, so you probably shouldn’t be giving either of them.

Me: well, a tea latte is brewed tea with honey and milk. She loves them. Roiboos tea is a red tea that is really good for helping the immune system. It has 10x (or more) the antioxidants of green tea.

NP: Well, you definitely shouldn’t give it to her then. Green tea is high in antioxidants because it’s FULL of caffeine.

Me: No, this is caffeine free. I buy all of my tea at a local loose leaf tea shop, where the owners are VERY knowledgeable, and they have assured me it is caffeine free. (not to mention that I have been drinking it for over a year…I think I would notice if it was FULL of caffeine, KWIM??

NP: well. you can’t trust those people. you never know how much they actually know.

Me: ok. So, back to the topic on hand. Can I give her anything for the cough?

NP: No, not really. She’s too small for cough medicine. But you can try chamomile tea, it has anti-spasmodic properties.

Ok…so we’ll skip the whole “DON’T GIVE HER TEA! But, yeah, go ahead and give her chamomile tea thing”, because there is just too much goin’ on there. She was exceedingly condescending during this conversation. And the tea shoppe I go to? They know as much about tea as a cardiologist does about hearts. Not kidding, the owners are AMAZING. But, because she had me questioning myself, I looked it up again. Caffeine free? check. High in antioxidants? check. Anti-spasmodic? check. (although, that one was new to me.) Given to children all over the world? check.

The idea that I shouldn’t give my daughter something just because she’d “never heard of it” is asinine. if you don’t know what something is, ask. Don’t jump on the “there’s no way it’s safe” soap box, because you have no idea what you are talking about. So I was annoyed…but whatever, I did what I wanted because I knew it was safe.

Fast forward to today? Remember my last two posts? The Wordless Wednesday with pictures of the rash? And the visit to the pedi about said rash? Well, it’s looking like it’s quite possible that Kennedy is allergic to the azithromycin. As evidenced by the next two pictures.

That rash doesn’t *quite* look the same does it? And her face, at the time of these pictures, was a million times better than it had been in the morning.

So I called. And guess who is on call this weekend? Yep. You guessed it, the NP from above.

NP: Hi, this NP, I hear you called about Kennedy?

Me: Yes, I believe she’s having a reaction to the azithromycin she was given on Wednesday.

NP: What are the symptoms?

Me: She has a rash all over, very fine, it seems to be bothering her, and it showed up this morning.

NP: Well, I see that you brought her in for a rash on Wednesday.

Me: Yes, yes I did. However, THAT rash was not all over, it was very splotchy and concentrated in specific areas on her body. THIS rash is fine, and all over her trunk and face, and is now also on her back.

NP: Well, I believe this is still the viral rash, but I can’t make out all of Dr McCabe’s handwriting. You can stop the azithromycin if you’d like. But if it was a viral rash on Wednesday, it’s probably still just a viral rash.

Me: Ok. Well, I am stopping the azithromycin. Looking at the rash, this is not the same rash she was seen for on Wednesday. I was only really calling to see if you would want to switch the antibiotic.

NP: Well, I prefer the wait and watch method, so I won’t call in something new. Not to mention, if it WAS an allergy rash, it would be big and splotchy. Not fine. So just call if something changes, I’m on call all weekend.


1) No, an allergy rash is not always big and splotchy. In fact most allergy rashes are NOT big and splotchy. Google a couple of images, and anyone can figure that out.

2) Thanks for warning me that you’re on call all weekend. If something else happens, we’ll head to urgent care.

3) You really question WHY I think it’s an allergy? Let’s see. It looks different than the rash she’d been being treated for. It appeared 2 days after her first dose of a new med. It is now bothering her and it didn’t before. I’m pretty sure that ALL of those are signs of a drug allergy.

Oh, and yes, I will be mentioning this to her regular doctor at her next appointment. Even IF you don’t agree with my thinking about it, I am not an idiot, and I do not need to be talked to as if I was one.


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    Kristine said,

    Frustrating. If you aren’t absolutely in love with your regular ped, I would consider switching and telling him why. You won’t be the only mother who feels this way.

    • 2

      We LOVE her regular pedi. She’s never given us any problems with delayed/selective vaccination, extended breastfeeding or any of the other “untraditional” decisions we make. But, depending on what she has to say about the issues with the NP, we may look for someone new.

  2. 3

    Queen Mommy said,

    HOW annoying! So far, I haven’t had any trouble with her, but just knowing what I know about doctors (and I know you know this too)–sometimes you have to establish yourself as someone who actually does have a clue for them to believe that you know what you’re talking about. It’s sad that you have to practically hand them your honorary medical credentials, but sometimes that’s what it takes for them to “get it.” Definitely mention it to Dr. M though…..I’m sure she’ll want to know. If there is a clinic manager, I’d talk to that person too.

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