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Soft Bums Review

I was a VERY lucky cloth diapering mama a couple weeks ago. Jeff, Kennedy and I went to the MN Kids and Baby Expo. We had a blast. It was fairly quiet, but that was probably due to it being the first year and the fact that it was gorgeous outside (the first nice weekend in MN this spring). We met some new companies, and learned more about some that we already had heard of.

One company that I was really happy to be able to spend some time chatting with was Soft Bums. My friend Erica and I had seen them last year at the Living Green Expo, but the table was so crowded, I couldn’t get a good look at them. I never did buy one, because we had more than enough diapers in our stash, and I just couldn’t justify another new diaper.

While talking to them, they offered me the opportunity to take a diaper to review. I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve never been asked to review anything, so I was excited!

And I am SO happy I was given this opportunity. I love this diaper. LOVE. I was given one cover, a dry-touch insert, an organic bamboo insert and one dry-touch doubler. This diaper is a one size, all in two (meaning you just change out the insert, and can reuse the cover), and the best part? It wasn’t terribly bulky AT ALL. I have never been a fan of most one size systems, because I hate the bulk. Kennedy may be 20 months old, but she’s still small (for reference, we’re using size medium bumgenius AIOs and the size small thirsties covers still usually fit), so for these to not be bulky on her is totally awesome. I do think the regular insert would be bulky on a newborn, but the doublers can also be used as a newborn insert!

Part of the reason these diapers are less bulky is the way they adjust. There is a toggle clasp (like you find on the hoods of jackets) on each side. This clasp controls the elastic, and in one adjustment, controls both the leg openings and the rise. It’s literally a perfect fit for your baby! They’re easy to adjust, and they come in cute colors and patterns!

The diaper did not wick at all, and even held up during a nap! The absorbency was great, and the cover stayed clean, even when she pooped! (and she poops every time I put the organic insert on her, LOL!)

And now, the part everyone waits for, pictures!

disclaimer: I was provided a diaper to review by Soft Bums. All opinions are mine.

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they say to never say never…

But there is one thing I can say never to as a parent with 100% certainty. I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER stand by and let my child treat people with hatred because of their race, ethnicity, social status, disability, sexual orientation or beliefs. NEVER. EVER.

I’ve been following the story of Constance McMillen since the news first broke, mostly via this facebook page. Constance is a lesbian, living in Mississippi. Her school cancelled her prom rather than let her attend in a tux with her girlfriend. The courts ordered that the school violated Constance’s first amendment rights, and ordered that she be allowed to attend. The school had acted as though they were accepting this defeat with at least a semblance of class and grace.

I was disgusted to learn yesterday, that Constance was lied to. She showed up at her prom on Friday night, with her date, to a crowd of 7 people. Yes, 7. Two of the other students were students with learning disabilities, and apparently unworthy of being in on the joke. Meanwhile, the rest of her class was at the real prom, thrown by their PARENTS. Yes, the “parents” of these children not only blatantly ignored a court order, they are setting the example for their children that it is OK to discriminate against people. According to this Advocate article, the ACLU is looking into this. The fake prom was also reported here.

As a human being, I am disgusted. And angry. As a parent, I am heartbroken. I can’t imagine the pain Constance and her family is feeling right now. I’m also disappointed. How much work is it going to take from parents like me for our children’s generation to overcome this hatred and fear? In a world that claims to have made so much progress from the civil rights movement, why are we still having to fight so hard for the rights of others?

As of right now, no major news network as even mentioned this. None. Of course, if you care about where the dicks of Jesse James or Tiger Woods have been lately, the news is your goldmine! But, for me, the real news lies in the stories like this.

I know they say to never say never…and I’ve learned that the hard way more than once. But in this instance, I can assuredly say, NEVER EVER.

edit to add: and now this blog offers up pictures of the real prom posted on facebook. 😦 So, so sad.

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Dyeing Easter Eggs

We dyed eggs today…Kennedy’s first experience with it 🙂 somehow, I ended up with more dye on my hands than she did. Probably because in my attempt to keep her from dunking her entire hand into the dye, she decided she needed to THROW the eggs into the dishes.

She also had to “sign” each egg. Before we could put it in the dye, she took one of her crayons and colored a part of the egg. Most of her work ended up disappearing once they were dyed, but for a few she colored with the wax crayon that came with the dye cups, and those turned out. (I think she switched to regular crayons because she couldn’t see her artwork on the white egg right away).

Here’s our finished eggs! Here’s just the plain colored ones:

the one with her name on it, and the double dyed ones. The green and gold ones are for poppa, but the one that’s kind of all over green is the one Kennedy bumped into the dye bowl during the second half

The ones Kennedy signed with the wax crayon

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