Dyeing Easter Eggs

We dyed eggs today…Kennedy’s first experience with it 🙂 somehow, I ended up with more dye on my hands than she did. Probably because in my attempt to keep her from dunking her entire hand into the dye, she decided she needed to THROW the eggs into the dishes.

She also had to “sign” each egg. Before we could put it in the dye, she took one of her crayons and colored a part of the egg. Most of her work ended up disappearing once they were dyed, but for a few she colored with the wax crayon that came with the dye cups, and those turned out. (I think she switched to regular crayons because she couldn’t see her artwork on the white egg right away).

Here’s our finished eggs! Here’s just the plain colored ones:

the one with her name on it, and the double dyed ones. The green and gold ones are for poppa, but the one that’s kind of all over green is the one Kennedy bumped into the dye bowl during the second half

The ones Kennedy signed with the wax crayon


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