Can you help Sam’s family?

As most of the people who read my blog (if there are any) already know, I am fairly active on the Most specifically on the Eco-Friendly Family board.

A “friend” from the board recently found out that her 4 month old baby boy, Sam, has neuroblastoma. It was discovered in his scrotum, but found to have originated in his adrenal glands, with tumors in his chest and on his liver, as well as other new lesions on his liver. They’ve started chemo and came home from the hospital today.

His mom, Cassie, will only be able to save her job if she goes to casual status. Her employer will not give her leave, because she exhausted her FMLA during her maternity leave. 😦 As most people know, COBRA payments are extremely expensive.

We’re trying to help Sam, Cassie and Alex (Sam’s dad) as much as we can. One of the moms came up with these bath bombs, and is offering $4 from each sale to go to a fund for Sam’s family (you can find them here: I am also doing an Usborne Books fundraiser. 25% of all sales will go to the fund for Sam’s family as well (you can find the sale here:

If you would wish to help out Sam’s family in any other way, please contact me through the blog. As always, many prayers are coveted as well.


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