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Soft Bums Review

I was a VERY lucky cloth diapering mama a couple weeks ago. Jeff, Kennedy and I went to the MN Kids and Baby Expo. We had a blast. It was fairly quiet, but that was probably due to it being the first year and the fact that it was gorgeous outside (the first nice weekend in MN this spring). We met some new companies, and learned more about some that we already had heard of.

One company that I was really happy to be able to spend some time chatting with was Soft Bums. My friend Erica and I had seen them last year at the Living Green Expo, but the table was so crowded, I couldn’t get a good look at them. I never did buy one, because we had more than enough diapers in our stash, and I just couldn’t justify another new diaper.

While talking to them, they offered me the opportunity to take a diaper to review. I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve never been asked to review anything, so I was excited!

And I am SO happy I was given this opportunity. I love this diaper. LOVE. I was given one cover, a dry-touch insert, an organic bamboo insert and one dry-touch doubler. This diaper is a one size, all in two (meaning you just change out the insert, and can reuse the cover), and the best part? It wasn’t terribly bulky AT ALL. I have never been a fan of most one size systems, because I hate the bulk. Kennedy may be 20 months old, but she’s still small (for reference, we’re using size medium bumgenius AIOs and the size small thirsties covers still usually fit), so for these to not be bulky on her is totally awesome. I do think the regular insert would be bulky on a newborn, but the doublers can also be used as a newborn insert!

Part of the reason these diapers are less bulky is the way they adjust. There is a toggle clasp (like you find on the hoods of jackets) on each side. This clasp controls the elastic, and in one adjustment, controls both the leg openings and the rise. It’s literally a perfect fit for your baby! They’re easy to adjust, and they come in cute colors and patterns!

The diaper did not wick at all, and even held up during a nap! The absorbency was great, and the cover stayed clean, even when she pooped! (and she poops every time I put the organic insert on her, LOL!)

And now, the part everyone waits for, pictures!

disclaimer: I was provided a diaper to review by Soft Bums. All opinions are mine.


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I miss K’s fluffy butt….

we’ve been dealing with rash stuff for a little while, first from detergent buildup caused by crunchy clean. After stripping 4 times, we finally solved that problem. Only to be introduced to a new one, the rash that comes from eating far too many slices of mandarin oranges. This one was fairly typical, and easily treated, even with the cloth diaper safe ointment by California Baby.

That is, it was easily treated, until the 3 day 101 degree fever. The combination of the fever and already present rash presented a perfect environment for a yeast rash. This is different than what most people think. K does not have a yeast infection. Just a yeast rash. We’ve been treating it with over the counter clotrimazole for a little over a week. We’ve also been using disposables, since the cloth diapers (as well as wet bags, wipes, covers and wool) need to be treated with grapefruit seed extract to rid them of yeast, and untreated cloth would just continually re-infect her. The last couple spots of this rash just won’t go away, so we had the pediatrician call in a prescription for nystatin, another antifungal ointment. I’m hoping this last pack of disposables we bought is enough. I’m ready for my little fluffy butt to come back.

I miss the cute diapers, I miss the wool, and most of all…I miss the fact that cloth diapers don’t STINK like disposables do. I swear  I check her bottom every 15 minutes, because I’m constantly thinking that I smell something…

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New blog!!!

Hey all, I decided to start over in the blogosphere…I want to be able to link my blog places…but my old blog had too much personal information on it for me! So, here we go again!

I’m momma to precious little girl, Kennedy. We’re attempting to become a more eco-friendly family, and I’m still learning. I’m a cloth diapering, extended breastfeeding, babywearing, ex-cosleeping (although, I’d still love to be co-sleeping, Kennedy is MUCH to cool to sleep with mom and dad, she’s decided) mama.

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